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Housing :

Body, wall mounting unit, and diffuser frames are made from high corrosion resistant die cast aluminium alloy, pre-treated (degreasing and phosphate process), and coated with high corrosion resistant and anti-aging resistant epoxy polyester powder, in a s

Light Controller :

High purity anodized aluminum reflector, available in 15° or 45° beam angle.
Clear plain heat tempered glass diffuser.

Light Source :

Compact high intensity discharge metal halide lamp (35 watts, 70watts)


Lite Tech 26-9492 series is an architectural square  wall mounted luminaires,  with up & downlight emission, heavy duty , low maintenance cost, designed for compact HID metal halide lamps. These luminaires are good design elements ideal for indoor & outdoor architectural lighting, illuminating wall and facade surfaces, creating optimum lighting effects solutions . High ingress protection (IP65).


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