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Housing :

Body is made from high corrosion resistant die cast aluminium alloy, pre-treated (degreasing and phosphate process), and coated with high corrosion resistant, anti-aging resistant epoxy polyester powder

Light Controller :

High efficiency adjustable symmetrical reflector made of high purity anodized aluminum, available 8⁰ and 40⁰ beam spread reflector.
Clear plain heat tempered glass (withstands pressure loads up to 2000 KG) diffuser.

Light Source :

Compact high intensity discharge metal halide lamp (35 watts, 70 watts, 150 watts)


Lite Tech 24-9658 series is a high quality, robust, heavy duty, low maintenance cost inground recessed flush mounted luminaires, designed for compact HID metal halide lamps, equipped with high efficiency adjustable symmetrical reflectors available in a range of beams to deliver the optimum upward lighting effect, high ingress protection (IP67). Used for highlighting and revealing the architectural and landscape marks at night, with an unobstructive presence by the day. The luminaires can be driven over by vehicles with pneumatic tiers, and must not be Used in areas where they are exposed to horizontal loads caused by braking, accelerating and changing of direction.


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